Coaxial Cable Stripper

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Coaxial Cable Stripper

This tool is designed to deliver great performance, consistent, and reliable result. It requires less hand force to complete the process, and different stripper distance is provided with different part number.

Features :

– Compact, light weight, and rugged design
– Precise cutting blades for clean stripping result.
– 2-blade and 3-blade model available

Application :

– RJ58 / RG59 / RG6 / RG62 Cables
– ( Ø4.9~ Ø7.5) – RG 174 (Ø2.6)

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Specification :

– Body Material : ABS – Overall Length : 90mm +/- 3mm – Weight : 27 +/- 5g

How to Buy

Any product purchased through our authorized dealer would be supported with full after service and warranty service.